How to spray with CANNACURE?

Hoe besproeien met CANNACURE? - KWEEK
If you use CANNACURE, it is very important that you use the correct spraying method. If you don't hit the plant everywhere, the pests and fungi can still survive. CANNA has collected some of this advice here.

A number of instructions for spraying CANNACURE properly:

1. Spray the plant thoroughly. Some fungi or pests are only on the top or the bottom of the leaf. That is why it is wise to spray the leaves on both the underside and the top. This way you can be sure that you have hit everything.

2. Make sure your drops are not too big, because then the pest will just walk in between. Even with a mist that is too foggy, you will not get good coverage. Therefore, make sure you use thin drops that give a nicely opaque and thick layer, so that the pests can stick well to it. If you spray on your hands and you don't feel any drops, you know you have too misty a mist. Your plant must therefore really be dripping with moisture.

3. If you need to spray for longer, it is easier and better to prepare the CANNACURE refill bottle in a spray bottle with a spray lance. A spray lance has more reach and more pressure. This makes it easier to spray under the leaves as well.

4. Never spray in the middle of the day as this can cause your leaves to burn. The drops act as a kind of fire glass. That is why it is best to spray the plant half an hour before your lamp is switched on. This way the CANNACURE can dry up a bit before the lamp switches on at full power. It is best to spray an outdoor plant half an hour after sunrise with CANNACURE. Watering in the middle of the night is not wise, because the plant will then remain wet for too long.