What kind of soil is best if you want to grow in a foil tunnel at home

Wat voor soort grond is het beste als je thuis in een folietunnel wilt kweken - KWEEK

If you want to grow in a foil tunnel at home, it is important to provide good soil to produce healthy crops. The best soil for growing plants in a foil tunnel is rich, fertile soil that drains well and retains adequate water.

Here are some tips for choosing the right soil:

Soil Test: Before you start growing, it's a good idea to have a soil test done to determine the pH level, nutrients and texture of the soil. This can help you choose the right soil conditioners.

Soil amendments: Add organic soil amendments, such as compost, vermicompost , peat or leaf mulch , to improve soil fertility and improve soil structure.

Drainage: Make sure the soil drains well by placing a layer of sand or gravel under the bottom or by making drainage holes in the bottom.

Water Retention: Avoid heavy clay soils that retain moisture for too long and instead opt for a soil that retains enough water, such as a light sandy loam soil.

Soil texture: Maintain good soil texture by providing plenty of organic matter and by regularly loosening the soil.

Soil care: Take care of the soil by regularly adding compost and by growing crops alternately to maintain the soil structure.

By paying attention to the quality of the soil, you can ensure that your crops grow well and have a good yield in your foil tunnel.