What tools do you need when growing at home?

Welke gereedschappen heb je nodig bij thuiskweken? - KWEEK

If you want to start growing at home in a foil tunnel, you will need a number of tools and materials. Below is a list of the most important tools you need to get started:

Steel Tubes: This is for the foil tunnel frame and the main material you will need. You can buy these tubes on the Rovero webshop . Make sure you buy tubes of the correct diameter depending on the size of your tunnel.

Transparent foil: This is the cover that goes over the frame of the foil tunnel and protects your plants from the weather. Make sure the foil is transparent and lets enough light through for your plants.

Scissors or knife: To cut the foil to the right size, you need scissors or a knife.

Tape measure: To measure the length and width of your foil tunnel, you need a tape measure.

Drilling machine: You need a drilling machine to attach the to each other. This allows you to drill holes in the pipes where you can then screw in the screws.

Screws: You need parts to fasten the steel tubes together . Make sure to use the correct materials that are suitable for the diameter of your PVC pipes .

Hammer: To tighten the screws you need a hammer.

Ground sheet: To prevent weeds and protect the ground, you can use a ground sheet. This is optional, but can be useful if you want to prevent weeds from growing in your foil tunnel.

Water can : To water your plants, you need a water can . This allows you to water the plants in a targeted manner and prevents you from watering the plants too much.

With these tools and materials you can build a simple foil tunnel and start growing at home. There are of course other tools and materials that can be useful, such as plant labels to label your plants and a thermometer to measure the temperature in the tunnel.