Why grow at home in a greenhouse?

Waarom thuis kweken in een kas? - KWEEK

Sometimes people ask us that. Why should we start growing in a greenhouse at home?

There are several benefits to growing plants in a polytunnel greenhouse at home, including:

Extended growing season: A tunnel greenhouse can extend the growing season for plants, as it protects against weather influences such as cold, wind and rain. This allows you to start sowing earlier in the spring and continue longer in the fall, which means you can get more harvest.

Protection against pests and diseases : A tunnel greenhouse protects plants against insects and other pests, so you have to use less pesticides. It can also protect against diseases spread by wind or rain.

Control over the growth process: In a tunnel greenhouse you have more control over the conditions in which plants grow, such as temperature, light and humidity. This allows you to optimize the growth process and better attune it to the needs of specific plant species.

Higher yield: Due to the protection against weather influences and pests, and the control over the growth process, growing in a tunnel greenhouse can lead to higher yields of healthy, high-quality crops.

Cost savings: Growing crops in a tunnel greenhouse can be cheaper than buying crops from the store, especially if you produce a large amount. Plus, growing your own fruits and vegetables can be a fun and fulfilling hobby that can help you become more connected to nature and live a healthier life.

Another question we do get is whether growing in your own greenhouse is also better for your health. Growing vegetables and herbs at home can certainly also be good for your health. Below we give a number of reasons:

Eat healthier: Growing your own vegetables and herbs can lead to a healthier diet because you have more control over what you eat and easier access to fresh, healthy produce.

More exercise: Maintaining a garden and tending to plants can be a form of exercise that contributes to a healthy lifestyle.

Less stress: Gardening can also be a relaxing activity that reduces stress and promotes a sense of well-being.

Better immune system: Vegetables and herbs are rich in nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which contribute to a healthy immune system.

Less Pesticide Exposure : Growing your own vegetables and herbs helps you avoid the exposure to pesticides commonly used in commercial food production.

In general, growing vegetables and herbs at home can be a fun and healthy activity that contributes to a healthy lifestyle and a better connection with nature.